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31 VIII - Srebrna Góra



CAT Enduro MTB Series - SREBRNA GÓRA, 31 August 2019


Srebrna Góra is a scenic village situated on the pass between the Owl and Bardzkie Mountains. The village is located on the terrain of the municipality Stoszowice. It has a rich history, already in the Middle Ages silver was mined here, its present character is shaped by buildings pressed into the valley and a huge mountain fortress called the Silesian Gibraltar. It is around the fortress that most of the bike trails are located, but as soon as you leave the trail, you can find yourself in one of the many tunnels where precious metals were mined in the past. In the forests there are many mouflons and wild sheep brought from Corsica in the eighteenth century. An attentive tourist can meet salamander, walking or driving a 30 meters high viaduct on the route of the former cog railway.



For the last race of Enduro MTB Series we invite you to Srebrna Góra. After the undeniable success of last year's Polish Championships, it would be rude not to return to racing on these terrific trails. This year without the Championship rank, but with equally high - if not greater - commitment on the part of Stoszowice Municipality, PM Bike Experts team and Kordas company (the sponsor of, among others, magnificent trophies for the winners). The course of the stages will be announced a few weeks before the competition, but we can already tell you that it will be very close to the 2018 race route. Who will survive the evening afterparty, will be able to test Whyte bicycles on Sunday and improve their skills.

Special stages: 4, feeding zone in the race village,

Track GPX:

- OS1: https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=eptjbcinuloghzxx

- OS2: https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=wmbmcmlwamckwcyx

- OS3: https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=sljdqlobymigsnaq

- OS4: https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=qmniclypknwljbsn

Terrain: routes from last year's Polish Championships with minor changes (e.g. optional detours of the most difficult lines)

Difficulty level: 4  (1-5 scale)

Race office: Polna 14 (corner of Kąpielowa)


30 August 2019 - Friday

- receiving starter packs, accomodation

31 August 2019 - Saturday

- the race

- evening afterparty

1 September 2019 - Sunday

- Whyte bikes demo, skills training with Whyte Racing: www.facebook.com/WhyteRacingTeam/


Hotel Koniuszy - http://hotelkoniuszy.pl