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About the sponsors

1# - Trek Enduro MTB Series - Rabka-Zdrój    

Trek was never just a name. From the beginning, it was a summation of values. Months later, in spring 1976, in a southern Wisconsin barn located halfway between their homes in Madison and Milwaukee, this pair of visionaries set out to make a business of building bikes of extraordinary artistry. Here, in the geographically convenient town of Waterloo, their dream sparked to life. The four decades following our inception have witnessed greater innovation than the previous four hundred. Bicycles have not been immune to this explosion in technological advancement, and Trek has been at the forefront of the movement, continually challenging the limits of the bicycle's capability. Our commitment to relentless innovation while honouring our founding principles to build bikes that e love that we are proud to stand behind has led us to where we are today. But we know that there is so much more that we can do. This world needs the bicycle more today than ever before. And Trek is building a better world through this simple, elegant machine. Come ride with us.


2# - Whyte Enduro MTB Series - Przesieka    

Freedom. That’s why we ride. The freedom to push your limits, hit the perfect line and make a can’t a can. The freedom that comes from gulping down cold, clear air at the top of a climb after dumping a day’s frustration through your cranks. The freedom to get where you want the way you want, through the park or down the towpath not waiting for the train or drowning in stationary traffic. The freedom to take the unmarked track you always ride past just to see where it goes. The freedom to get fitter, while exploring your world and exploring the amazing things you can do if you’ve got the right tools. However you ride, it’s how we free ourselves from the rest of the world and leave our worries far behind. It’s why Whyte exists too. We started 19 years ago with just one bike, but that one bike was loaded with more radical innovation than the entire ranges of most manufacturers. We created a massive impact, we reset some benchmarks, we learned some lessons. The biggest one was that if you have the best bike designers working with total freedom you can create something amazing. It started a string of perfect review scores that’s stronger than ever today with our T-130RS storming to an undisputed Trail bike of the year award and the T-130C, T-129 and 900 series bikes also earning perfect scores from the MTB media.


3# - CAT Enduro MTB Series - Sreban Góra    

The Cat® brand stands for trust, durability, reliability and quality. The Cat DNA is found in every Cat mobile phone and accessory offered by Bullitt Mobile Ltd. and provides boundless experience with robust mobility. Our products are created for wireless communication using the latest technology to meet a variety of needs of a demanding lifestyle and won’t let you down. To find out more about what Cat phones and accessories are made of, visit www.catphones.com.





Tt is the 5th year that Varta supports our projects. The mutual understanding of our needs and expectations resulted in effective promotional actions – e.g. contests, newsletters, equipment tests. The flagship products of Varta are obviously batteries, but the company has also many models of flashlights, portable chargers, etc. on offer. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with a company with over a century of history.


One of the world’s most trusted tire brands, Maxxis delivers high-quality tire products to customers in 180 countries and employs more than 25,000 people. Of course, we didn’t become one of the world’s top tire companies overnight. Through the years since its founding in 1967, Maxxis has become known for its commitment to excellent products and customer service. That commitment to offer the best has led us to create new technologies to develop our tires. Maxxis products are then tested both at our own facilities and at the world’s leading tire test centers. Input from our roster of championship-winning riders also ensures that our products measure up to the toughest real-world standards. Every Maxxis tire is manufactured using the most advanced equipment, by personnel who display a dedication to quality at every level, from management to the factory floor.


OSHEE is a brand for active people. Among them are people who go in for various sports, either as a hobby or professionally, as well as all those who follow current trends in life. ??OSHEE is the market leader in functional beverages in Poland. It inspires, motivates for action, physical activity and healthy lifestyle. It puts a great product in the spotlight, which meets expectations of the most demanding customers.? OSHEE is one of the most recognizable brands in Poland, and our products are also conquering foreign markets.? Thinking about products, we always keep in mind customer satisfaction. We care about our design like no-one else.?? We are looking at the latest trends with interest, and take away what is best, without creating any restrictions for ourselves? OSHEE is people with passion and experience, supporting all those who like to overcome challenges in their lives. Therefore, the brand supports sporting events and organizations that inspire and bring hope for a better future. We are seeking individuals and institutions following such values in life, and we motivate them in social media, where we conduct activities supporting ambitious, amateur athletes. Thus, using OSHEE products has become a manifesto, a synonym of being active, not only in the real, but also in the virtual world.? The combination of trends, physical activity and an open mind are distinctive features of the OSHEE World, whose cherished slogan is: Live, Fight, Win! 





„GoPro HERO6 Black transforms your adventures into incredible QuikStories right on your phone. With its all-new GP1 chip, next-level video stabilization and 2x the performance, looking good has never been so easy. Add voice control and a durable waterproof design, and HERO6 Black is the ultimate GoPro for sharing life as you live it.”



With FeiyuTech gimbals, creating smooth and vibration free shots, even in the most extreme situations, has never been easier.


julbo logo  

Julbo is a French brand established in 1888 by Jules Baud. To this day, the company is being managed by the Baud family. Julbo is, above else, a technical brand. Basing on own experience and knowledge, Julbo chooses only the best materials and uses special coatings: antireflective, anti-fog, waterproof finish, etc. to create exclusive, high performance lenses. All Julbo glasses fulfil European, American and Australian standards, guaranteeing visual reliability and safety. Currently, being a brand in sport sunglasses sector and a renowned leader of children sunglasses market, Julbo expands in the direction of general consumers and goggles.



Since 10 years the Kordas company has provided a complex service in production of elements from black metal sheet, galvanized, aluminum and stainless sheet, profiles and steel pipes. Highly qualified staff together with a complex machinery park enable us to offer a very broad range of services- from technical drawings and high tech production technologies to assembly of components and transport to customers.






The TSG brand was created in Germany in 1988. The goal was to create protecting accessories that skaters would truly want to wear. The mission was successfully accomplished: TSG helmets and protectors revolutionized the industry and the brand became an example to be followed. In 1999 a snowboarding line of products was introduced, bringing a completely new look on the world of winter sports. Continuous drive to a more intensive expansion of the company and a larger portfolio of products lead to research on the needs of athletes in other disciplines, such as mountain biking, BMX, wakeboarding and skiing. The quality of TSG helmets can be vouched for by the legend himself: Tony Hawk, whose head was protected by TSG-brand helmet during his serious accident. To express his gratitude for TSG and the founder of the company, Titus, Tony Hawk signed the helmet he wore.



Nikwax produces high quality cleaning and impregnation products. Nikwax extends the lifetime and maintains the properties of clothing, footwear and gear. Whether you work or spend your free time, Nikwax allows you to enjoy impermeability. The impregnating components find their way exactly where they’re supposed to – less product is wasted which helps to save money. Nikwax can be used in washing machines, during hand washing on can be applied as a spray. The products are not sold as an aerosol, are non-toxic, don’t contain fluorocarbons, are safe for the natural environment and are water-based.



Po setkach testów z piankami wysokiej gęstości, wybór zespołu inżynierów i zawodników PANZER padł na GEN10. Ma ona minimalną absorpcję uszczelniacza, oraz świetną pamięć materiału (po odkształceniu szybko i w pełni wraca do swojego pierwotnego kształtu). Ponadto jest niezwykle lekka - pianka do opony 27,5” x 2,3-2,6” waży zaledwie 100 gram! Oryginalny kształt i wyjątkowy materiał, to idealna równowaga pomiędzy lekkością i wytrzymałością. Widoczny w przekroju pianki 5-punktowy system podparcia w kształcie diamentu pozwala działać jako wzmocnienie, jedynie w krytycznych miejscach skłonnych do przebicia czy rozcięcia poprzez uderzenia oponą o podłoże. Pozwala także na wolną cyrkulację powietrza i mleczka, oraz nie wpływa na właściwą pracę opony. GEN10 czyni z PANZER najlżejszy, najbardziej zrównoważony i zapobiegający przebiciu materiał na rynku.














Jeżeli szukasz w pełni zorganizowanego wyjazdu rowerowego i szukasz skzolenia pod okiem profesjonalistów - Singletrack Trips to strzał w dziesiątkę!.

"Jesteśmy grupą przyjaciół, których łączy wspólna pasja do jazdy na rowerze. Ludzie STT to absolwenci AWFu, inżynierzy AGH, pracownicy sklepów rowerowych, fani szosy, dirtu, długich lotów oraz czołowi polscy zawodnicy enduro. Naszym celem jest tworzenie obozów i szkoleń o niepowtarzalnym klimacie Singletrack Trips."



Bike Doctor Service is broadly defined, professional service of bicycles . We provide all bike types repairs, and undertake as well complex and ad-hoc support. Nontypical orders like old bikes renovations & restorations are also well known for us. We also undertake other unconventional challenges. Professional service of bike suspensions is essential part of our activity. We are servicing suspension forks and rear dampers of market leadres e.g. Rock Shox, Fox and many other producers. We are developing professional assembly of competitive bike wheels. In our offer there are components of leading brands: Sram, Shimano, KMC, Rithey, KCMC and more. In backround of our work there are many years of experience achieved in our workshop and on the international arena. As a mehcanics of Polish National Team and other professional teams, we participated in support of World Championship, World's Cup, European Championship and European Olimpics in Baku. In our service a workmanship, professionalism and sincerity are overriding values, and the most important objective is our clients satisfaction.



PM Bike Experts to w zasadzie dwóch ludzi, którzy z pasją i wielką determinacją projektują i budują trasy rowerowe - już nie tylko w Srebrnej Górze.

Piotr Kurczab - Akademicki Mistrz Świata XCO z 2016 - szybki gość, który nie prędko przesiądzie się na rower elektryczny.

Marek Janikowski - pomysłodawca tras Enduro raczej więcej chodzi z głowa w chmurach obecnie zbiera na elektryka :)



To profesjonalna firma reklamowa, z wieloletnim doświadczeniem specjalizująca się w oklejaniu pojazdów (samochody osobowe, samochody ciężarowe, wozy specjalistyczne). Ponadto ma w swojej ofercie: litery świetlne i kasetony (kasetony świetlne, litery świetlne LED), projektowanie (reklama, ogłoszenia prasowe, znaki graficzne, reklama na pojazdach, itp.), reklamy na podkładach (ze spienionego PCV, z blachy, banery, poliwęglan, metaplex), poligrafię (wizytówki, papiery firmowe, teczki, foldery reklamowe, kalendarze, offset,), oraz reklamy różne (grafika przestrzenna-styrodur, laminowanie, różne inne nietypowe).



Firma specjalizuje się w produkcji nośników reklamy pneumatycznej. W gamie oferowanych przez nas produktów można znaleźć balony reklamowe, bramy pneumatyczne, namioty pneumatyczne, słupy reklamowe,  chwieje, urządzenia rekreacyjne, ale także inne niepneumatyczne produkty reklamowe typu stojaki roll-up, czy wydruki wielkoformatowe. Tak szeroki asortyment pozwolił nam stworzyć ciekawą ofertę zapewniającą kompleksową obsługę klientów organizujących kampanie reklamowe. Dzięki współpracy możemy korzystać z najwyższej jakości bramy pneumatycznej, wallpress, bannerów i ścianek do namiotów.




Mountain bike legend Steve Peat may have retired from racing Downhill World Cups in 2016 but he certainly hasn't taken his foot off the gas when it comes to pushing the limits of the sport. Peaty has been working closely with a team of scientists and product developers over the past two years to develop a revolutionary tubeless tyre sealant that will not readily dry out or ‘ball up’ within the tyre unlike most tubeless sealants currently available on the market. The non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely biodegradable formula has been tried and tested by Peaty and a motley crew of the world’s best Downhill and Enduro mountain bike racers on the UCI Downhill World Cup, British Downhill and the Enduro World Series circuits. The biodegradable ‘nano-platelets’ in Peaty's Tubeless Sealant perform like platelets do in the blood and assist with the repair of larger holes and tears in the internal tyre. The ‘nano-platelets’ are completely biodegradable but look like blue glitter so if you do happen to blow a tyre off the rim, it looks spectacular!



We are sewing room established in 1979.  We are experienced manufacturer and designer of covers diverse in terms of shape, design and purpose. In our offer you will find covers for cycling wheels and covers for bicycles. Moreover we are able to create and complete project of covers/bags in any shape/size according to client`s specification. We invite to common projects created with passion.


 Trezado logo    

Trezado is 3 product lines: fluid seal for tires, grease and cleaning fluid for the sealant. Trezado is an innovative sealant allowing driving without an inner tube. It seals the tire on the rim and in case of collision with a sharp object, automatically seals the puncture. Tested during the toughest MTB marathons. Works in sport and everyday use. Suitable for all types of tubeless tires, UST, Tubeless Ready. On the other hand, grease easily penetrates inside the lubricated components, forming a clear coating that provides good lubrication, high water resistance and protection against rust. Designed for bicycle chains, control cables, pedals, derailleurs, free-wheel and all other moving parts exposed to weather conditions. Recommended in changing weather conditions. Penetrates very well. It does not cause an increased adhesion of dirt and dust, and is resistant to leaching by water.



Browar Solipiwko powstał z pasji i miłości do prawdziwego piwa.Założycielem jest piwowar domowy Wojtek Solipiwko. Marka istnieje na ryku od 2014r i wprowadziła na rynek kilkanaście różnych piw.





The Trail is a brand from Bielsko-Biała producing bike accessories for Enduro and Downhill. Because we focus on the highest quality, everything we produce is made by us in Poland. We make every effort to meet your expectations. At www.thetrail.pl you will find something for yourself and for your pearl on two wheels. See you on The Trails!



eLUBE is a Polish brand of professional lubricants was established in Lublin. The manufacturer's goal is to produce good quality lubricants characterized by a very long life. The lubricant range is permanently enlarged. At the beginning, the company produced 4 types of lubricant for the bicycle chain, today there are already 8 of them. The eLUBE offer also has many lubricants for all cycling applications such as brake cables, bearings, shock absorbers or threads. In addition, the manufacturer began to develop a line of cleaning products. The aesthetic and very functional packaging will appeal to even the most demanding cycling enthusiasts