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Poznaj Świat (Discover the World) is the oldest travel magazine in Poland, being issued without interruptions for over 66 years! It has a set position on the market and a steadily increasing liking among the readers. In the spirit of the motto “Poznaj Świat inspires reading and travelling”, this monthly magazine publishes articles about extremely interesting and surprising places, events or expeditions. Originally edited sections such as Fotoforum, Geoskop, Nawigator, Outdoor, as well as educational and informative articles are constant elements of each issue. It is without a doubt that everyone will find something for themselves in Poznaj Świat.



1Enduro is a cycling blog dedicated to new-school mountain biking. Giving you the best gear reviews and how-to's, articles on current trends and innovations, guides to the coolest riding destinations and some skill boosting tips. The definition of "enduro" is very wide here - if you happen to ride your bike in the mountains or any other technical terrain, you fit right in!



BikeWorld.pl is the most popular polish website about cycling especially focused on the all kinds of MTB, cyclocross and road bikes. We’ve been writing reviews and cycling news for 14 years and we still love it!



43RIDE (for free ride) – The authors write about themselves: "We create a magazine based on the R2R (riders to riders) idea. So much is said about integration beyond boundaries, promoting the sport of MTB, downhill, freeride, slopestyle, enduro, dirt, about demonstrating the possibilities of our country (and more). We do not talk about it, we do it! All persons involved in the creation of the magazine 43RIDE are riders, people closely associated with the bike community.





It's been 14 year since our website is on-line. We've made some significant steps – our new version is out. Now we're more open for our readers and we offer more functionality on mobile platforms. Thank you for beeing with us for such a long time and we hope that you will stay with velonews a little bit more longer. People are everything. Thanks to them our website is alive. We are all individuals – we are professional cyclists, gear fanatics, engineers developing new technologies, coaches, dieticians. Everyone is different, but thanks to that our website has more to offer as a one whole. We are all pass
ionate about cycling – we just love the bikes!
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On the site you will find interesting information about freestyle, sports, music and hi-tech. Since this year, a printed magazine of the same name is also being issues, which successfully debuted in the world of “paper media”. Extraordinary articles, fantastic photos and out of the box approach – simply freestyle.



Dolekop.com is major media for gravity oriented riding (mountainbike downhill and freeride) in Czech Republic and Slovakia with outreach to neighbouring countries. This website is bringing various reports from racing events and venues continuously all year round. Dolekop.com is not only focused on local/national level of racing and riding, but also brings reports from world cups, important races around the globe and races in other EU countries.



The modern online MTB magazine concentrating on testing bikes and products, MTB technic, news, enduro races and first of all great fun behind the handlebars!



MTBIKER was established in 1998 as the first bicycle portal in Slovakia and to remain the largest and most visited cycling portal in the world1. MTBIKER with up-to-date information on cycling news, which is a portal for a growing community of 107,630 bikers who share views, experiences, photos and experiences. Since 2014, the e-shop with the widest range of services in Slovakia has been in operation and since 2016 the MTBIKER center in Hrádek has been.



Ceneria is an outdoor equipment price comparator from the sports industry (hiking, climbing, mountain equipment, ski, bicycle, water, electronics for tourists). It is the first such project in the Polish network. Ceneria launched on June 1st 2008, but its popularity is growing rapidly. Currently, it offers a range of thousands of products.



VEloprofit - Velo means bike, Profit is profit.

Poland’s first bicycle industry magazine. It was created as a result of the need of business communication between the participants of the bicycle market, manufacturers, distributors, shops and organizers of bicycle-related sporting events. As an exclusively B2B magazine, it will not be available in open distribution. Veloprofit supports the development of the Polish bicycle market and operates, in some measure, on its behalf and to its benefit.


''Wysportowani'' is a dynamically developing sports website whose main theme is a bike. Our team consists of specialists - mountain, road and downhill riders, dieticians, triathletes. The website itself was founded on April 10, 2016 and is already at the forefront of cycling media. We focus on the uniqueness of texts. We write about our experiences and experiences. We do not include reproductive texts, articles with text, but no content. We diligently test - we praise and appreciate, but if necessary, we propose different choices. We travel, experience, touch - relationships from the heart of the competition, interviews with competitors, we develop the "news" section, we remember great races from the past.