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About the event

See you at "KELLYS ENDURO MTB SERIES" - First Polish series in the on sight formula.

I won’t write about what cycling or what enduro is. Everyone feels it in their own, unique way. I won’t write about the emotions, the sports rivalry, the incredible routes nor the touring values as well. That’s also something every one of us experiences individually. That said, many of you will likely agree that “on-sight” enduro is a return to the very beginnings of mountain biking.

"Kellys MTB Enduro Series" races will begin in the Srebrna Góra (facebook.com/trasy.enduro.srebrna.gora), which this year was probably the most besieged place in Poland. The co-organizer of the first edition will be PM Bike Experts, which guarantees interesting routes and refine the smallest details. Three weeks later we'll meet in Przesieka. After two years of racing in the heart of the Karkonosze, this time, instead of the classic competition, will be held there the enduro convention. During this two-days event you will have the opportunity to test bikes, participate in lectures and cooperative learning about local routes. One month later, at the Bike Week we will meet in Szklarska Poreba (www.facebook.com/bikeweekszklarska). The team EMTB - the current organizer of the competition in this location has set the bar very high. Routes have been recognized for the amazing rock gardena, so we hope that in the next edition they do not run out. Right after the summer, however, in order to avoid the famous Bieszczady's mud, we invite you to the small village Bystre in the borough of Baligród. The place is known for many of riders who, in the last season, were not afraid to travel into the wild and unexplored areas. Closure of the season promises to be extraordinary and will take place in the legendary place of enduro map Mieroszów. This difficult area will certainly provide an unforgettable experience, and a huge dose of adrenaline. We can boldly say ,that the one and only enduro on-sight series in Poland is growing rapidly both on quality and quantity of events. Additionally, like last season, also in the next year as part of each edition will be played Polish Universities Enduro Cup. So let's now take this into account and form the legitimacy of University Sports Association (AZS).